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Square book

Square book

After having tested several books, in order to offer you the best, my choice fell on the Koylab company.

The books are handcrafted in Portugal by world-renowned professionals in the field. The prints are sublime, the finish perfect ... a real family book to be passed on from generation to generation !!!

This photo book expresses a classic and timeless style, whether for a birth book, a family shoot, or a wedding. You have the option to choose the color of the faux leather cover, as well as the text on the cover.

In order to have a pleasant album, which breathes, it takes an average of 3/4 photos per double-page. A 20 double-page album can therefore reasonably contain between 60 and 80 photos.

It will take a month's time for production, printing, and delivery.

  • Basik Book Description

    • Photographic paper: Glossy
    • Holds up to 40 double pages
    • Hard cover
    • Cover material: Faux leather
    • Embossing text available on the cover
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