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Lifestyle session at St Ladre ponds

I am often asked: - "but what do you prefer to do in the photo?" - "What do I prefer? The Lifestyle sessions, for their unpredictable, funny sides, full of emotions ... capture those innocuous little moments that make life LIFE !!!! That day, very capricious weather, it must be said that the month of May was complicated ... At the same time, you will understand that it was delicate, even risky, to postpone this session with that pretty round belly !!! We tried all the same, and there, magic .... a clearing up. Long enough to make the session calmly. An hour later it was raining :) How lucky we were !!!

A Great thank you to this lovely family for this good time shared, as well as for allowing me to share some photos. Next step, birth photos;) See you soon, Jerome

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