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Happiness blows on the Picardy coast !!!

Being a photographer is above all great encounters, lots of laughs !!! That's why instead of sending you traditional greetings for the New Year, I'm sending you these photos, with joy, smiles, and a lot of optimism !!! Let's enjoy life, let's live it !!!

In the midst of a period of uncertainty, these young ladies found themselves, for a bachelorette party, for a weekend, on the Picardy coast: one came from Bordeaux, another from Switzerland, Lille, Paris. All this weekend organized well in advance was hanging by a thread, and yet, they believed it !!!

The announced weather was not terrible, not to say mediocre ... But the girls were more than motivated. Once there, it was raining lightly, but good humor and joy quickly chased the clouds, and made beautiful sunny spells appear. It was very windy, you can't miss it;)

I love these moments of poses, of breaks, where, during a shooting, I recharge my batteries of happiness, and leave, with a smile on my lips, the cards full of photos, of these little moments of life, of carelessness, which do so much good !!!

Thank you miss for this great time spent with you.

Kisses to you all,


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